Father Duffy Square
Times Square

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Father Duffy Square, NYC.

The crowd stretched out across Father Duffy Square in the heart of Manhattan. It was a late fall evening and the great neon billboards illuminated the scene providing a counterbalance to the grey cloudy sky overhead. 7th Avenue was alive with a stream of traffic, the rumbling of engines and the honking horns adding to the aural and visual cacophony that assaulted one's senses. The chilly night air was filled with the scent of damp asphalt and the delightful smells emanating from the restaurants nearby.

People were dressed for the conditions — denim jeans, heavy sweaters, quilted jackets and hooded sweatshirts — and the occasional splash of brightly colored scarves added a touch of color to the muted tones of the crowd. Old Glory fluttered in the wind to the right of Father Duffy's memorial, the Tricolore to the left, and a white-haired man wearing a navy blue peacoat had perched himself atop the memorial with a solitary trumpet in hand. The notes that he played floated in the air like confetti, adding a measure of peace to the commotion around him.

Father Duffy Square

Father Duffy Square is a prominent public space located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. It is situated at the northern end of Times Square, one of the world's most famous commercial and entertainment hubs. The square is named in honor of Father Francis P. Duffy, a military chaplain who served in the Spanish–American War and World War I and is best known for his leadership and service as the regimental chaplain for the "Fighting 69th" Infantry Regiment, a unit composed primarily of Irish-Americans.

    Here are some key features and information about Father Duffy Square:

Statue of Father Duffy

    The central attraction of the square is a prominent bronze statue of Father Duffy, which stands atop a granite pedestal. The statue was sculpted by Charles Keck and was unveiled in 1937. It serves as a tribute to Father Duffy's dedication to the soldiers he served during World War I.


    Father Duffy Square is strategically located at the junction of Seventh Avenue and Broadway, where 47th Street intersects. This prime location makes it a focal point for both tourists and locals alike.

Cultural Significance

    The square is not just a place to honor Father Duffy but also a symbol of the diverse cultural and entertainment offerings of Times Square. It is a gateway to the Broadway Theater District and hosts various events and performances.

TKTS Booth

    One of the most recognizable features of Father Duffy Square is the TKTS ticket booth, which is operated by the Theatre Development Fund (TDF). The booth sells discounted same-day tickets to a wide range of Broadway and off-Broadway shows, making theater more accessible to the general public.

Steps and Seating

    The square features a tiered set of red steps, which serve as a gathering place for people to relax, take in the bustling atmosphere of Times Square, and often watch live performances and events. These steps also provide a unique vantage point for viewing the iconic electronic billboards and advertisements that light up Times Square.

Events and Performances

    Father Duffy Square is a hub for public events, such as New Year's Eve celebrations, concerts, and cultural festivals. It often hosts street performers and musicians who entertain the crowds.


    In recent years, Father Duffy Square underwent a significant renovation to enhance its amenities and accessibility. This project aimed to improve the overall visitor experience and maintain the square's status as a lively and vibrant gathering place in the heart of Manhattan.

Father Duffy Square stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural significance of Times Square, and it continues to be a popular destination for both tourists and New Yorkers, offering a unique blend of entertainment, art, and history.

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