Bethesda Fountain
in Central Park

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Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

The Bethesda Fountain stood proudly against the lush backdrop of Central Park. The spectacular bronze fountain, with its angelic figure standing atop, was surrounded by the verdant oasis of trees, flowers, and shrubs. The fountain's base was decorated with cherubs representing health, purity, temperance, and peace.

The Angel of the Waters, as it is known, held a lily in one hand and was blessing the waters with the other. Standing at the edge of the fountain, one could almost feel the magical energy radiating from the statue and the water. The trickling, shimmering droplets of the fountain seemed to be lit from within, like tiny stars twinkling in a night sky.

The sound of the water was soothing, like a gentle song sung by a choir of angels. It was hard to imagine that a place of such beauty and peace existed so close to the bustling city. It was a little oasis, a respite from the noise and commotion of the outside world. The fountain was a reminder of the power of nature and beauty, and a reminder that no matter how chaotic the world may be, there are still pockets of tranquility to be found.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain are iconic landmarks located within New York City's Central Park. They are situated at the southern end of the park, near 72nd Street and Central Park West. This area serves as a gathering place for both locals and visitors and is known for its architectural beauty and serene atmosphere.

Bethesda Terrace

    Bethesda Terrace is a grand, neo-classical architectural structure designed by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould, who were also two of the masterminds behind the overall design of Central Park along with Frederick Law Olmsted. The terrace consists of two levels, connected by three staircases. The interior ceiling and walls of the structure are adorned with intricate mosaics and the upper level offers stunning views of the surrounding park and the Central Park Lake.

    The name "Bethesda" has biblical origins, referencing the pool in Jerusalem where, according to the New Testament, Jesus healed a paralyzed man. This symbolism is reflected in the tranquil setting of the terrace, which is meant to evoke a sense of healing and rejuvenation for park visitors.

Bethesda Fountain

    At the center of Bethesda Terrace, you'll find the Bethesda Fountain. This magnificent fountain was sculpted by Emma Stebbins and unveiled in 1873. It features a towering angel, known as the "Angel of the Waters," which stands atop the fountain. The angel holds a lily in one hand, symbolizing purity, and blesses the waters of the fountain with the other, representing life-giving and healing properties.

    The base of the fountain is adorned with intricately carved decorative elements, including depictions of four cherubs representing health, purity, temperance, and peace. Water flows from the top of the fountain and cascades into a lower basin and then down to the bottom pool, creating a soothing and visually captivating spectacle.


    Bethesda Terrace and Fountain hold historical and cultural significance for New York City and its residents. They are popular spots for both relaxation and social gatherings, offering benches and spaces for people to sit, enjoy the views, and even listen to live music performances that often take place there.

These landmarks also play a role in the Central Park Conservancy's ongoing efforts to maintain and restore the park's historic features. The combination of stunning architecture, artistic sculptures, and serene surroundings make Bethesda Terrace and Fountain a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Central Park. They continue to serve as iconic symbols of the park's beauty and the city's cultural heritage.

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