Edge Observation Deck
at 30 Hudson Yards

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Edge Observation Deck 30 Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

The air was thick with anticipation and awe as the group of onlookers stepped out onto the Edge Observation Deck at 30 Hudson Yards. The view was breathtaking — the azure sky stretched out to the horizon, illuminating the Manhattan skyline with its brilliant shade of blue. The East and Hudson Rivers sparkled and glittered in the sun, creating an arresting panoramic vista.

Some of the onlookers lingered near the entrance, their eyes wide with amazement as they stared out at the city. Others made their way to the glass floor section, where they could view the city over one thousand feet below. Children squealed with delight as they looked down, pointing out their favorite landmarks.

The sun shone down on the observation deck, bringing a warm and inviting atmosphere. People were sitting on benches, gazing out at the horizon, while others were talking quietly, occasionally pointing out a landmark or two. It was as if the entire city was being held in a collective embrace, with everyone enjoying the spectacular view of the skyline.

As the group slowly dispersed, all that remained was the sense of awe and wonderment that had been created by this experience. It was a moment that none of the onlookers would soon forget.

Edge Observation Deck

The Edge Observation Deck is a stunning sky-high attraction located at Hudson Yards, a massive mixed-use development on the west side of Manhattan, New York City. The Edge is positioned as the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city's skyline, the Hudson River, and beyond.

Key features of the Edge Observation Deck:

Height and Location

    The Edge is situated atop 30 Hudson Yards, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the Hudson Yards development. It stands at a height of around 1,100 feet (335 meters) above ground level.

Glass-Floor Experience

    One of the unique aspects of the Edge is its glass-floor section, where visitors can stand directly on a transparent glass floor that extends outward from the building. This provides an exhilarating sensation of floating above the city.

360-Degree Views

    The Edge offers 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can take in iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and more.

Outdoor Space

    In addition to the indoor observation areas, the Edge features an outdoor platform that extends slightly beyond the building's edge. This platform offers an unobstructed view of the skyline and the Hudson River.

30 Hudson Yards

30 Hudson Yards is the skyscraper that houses the Edge Observation Deck and is a prominent part of the larger Hudson Yards development. It's a commercial building that features a combination of office and retail spaces, and the aforementioned observation deck.

Key features of 30 Hudson Yards:

Mixed-Use Development

    The building is part of the Hudson Yards mega-development, which is one of the largest real estate projects in the United States. Hudson Yards comprises office buildings, residential towers, retail outlets, public spaces, and cultural venues.

Architectural Design

    Designed by the architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, 30 Hudson Yards is characterized by its sleek and modern design, with a distinctive angular top. The building's glass façade contributes to its striking appearance on the city's skyline.

Office and Retail Spaces

    The skyscraper houses a combination of Class A office spaces for various companies and close to 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art retail space, contributing to the mixed-use nature of the development.

Cultural and Retail Spaces

    In addition to the Edge Observation Deck, the Hudson Yards development includes various cultural spaces and high-end retail outlets, creating a vibrant urban environment.

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