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These 10 New York Photo Galleries contain some of the best photographic representations of New York around. I searched through an incredible 17,000 images to carefully select these photographs. It took quite a lot of time and energy to compile and organize them, and to add captions that bring each photo more meaning. They offer an overview of the city, but also provide ideas for people who don't know it well, offering insight into potential places to visit. So they act as excellent guides for tourists and natives alike.

The Statue of Liberty & Fort Wood, Liberty Island, New York.

The Statue of Liberty
and New Jersey

The afternoon light of this beautiful fall day cascades upon Lady Liberty like a heavenly ember, setting her majestic figure ablaze atop Fort Wood.

Horse Drawn Carriage, Central Park, New York.

Horse Drawn Carriage
in Central Park

The horse-drawn carriage made its way along its usual route in Central Park on this damp fall day. The young woman, bundled up in a lovely brown coat, sat perched upon her cushioned seat.

The Battery Lower Westside Manhattan Skyline.

The Battery — Lower
Westside Manhattan Skyline

The lower Westside of Manhattan radiated the evening sun, its twinkling lights emerging with the setting of the sun. The Westside cityscape rose up above Battery Park.

Edge Observation Deck 30 Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

Edge Observation Deck
at 30 Hudson Yards

The air was thick with anticipation and awe as the group of onlookers stepped out onto the Edge Observation Deck at 30 Hudson Yards. The view was breathtaking.

Top of The Rock at the Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, New York.

Top of The Rock
at the Rockefeller Center

Frank stood at the Top of the Rock, gazing out at the view before him. He had come up here, one of his favorite spots in the city, for a quiet afternoon of contemplation.

Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

The brilliant afternoon sun cast long, deep shadows through the massive stone archway beneath the Manhattan Bridge. At the center of the arch stood a large, illuminated DUMBO sign.

Oculus Wings, One World Trade Center, Manhattan, New York City, NYC.

Oculus Wings
One World Trade Center

The Oculus Wings, a magnificent architectural masterpiece situated at the center of the One World Trade Center transportation hub, seemed to beckon with an invitation to explore the beauty of the city.

The Lower Manhattan New York Skyline.

The Lower Manhattan Skyline

The One World Trade Center seemed to shimmer, a mirage on the horizon. It rose up through a patch of azure sky surrounded by clouds colored in a strange purple hue.

George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York.

George Eastman
Museum Conservatory

The conservatory at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York brimmed with light and beauty. The warm sun beamed down on lush plants.

Avenue of the Americas Fountain 6th Avenue, New York.

Avenue of the Americas Fountain
6th Avenue

The Avenue of the Americas Fountain sparkles in Midtown Manhattan, sitting opposite Radio City Music Hall. At Christmas time, it's decorated with festive red balls.

Central Park in Late Fall, Manhattan, New York City.

Central Park
in Late Autumn

The late fall sky was a canvas of white and blue, the sun peeking through like a promise of the bright days to come. George Hodan stood amidst Central Park, gazing upon the Manhattan cityscape.

Chrysler Building Manhattan Cityscape, New York.

Chrysler Building
Manhattan Cityscape

The sun beamed down at an odd angle, kissing the cityscape of midtown Manhattan with strokes of jeweled light.

Delmonicos Restaurant, Manhattan, New York.

Delmonicos Restaurant
56 Beaver Street Manhattan

Delmonico's restaurant had served as a beacon of culinary excellence for over 190 years. Nestled between the bustling streets of New York City's lower Manhattan.

One57 Central Park Condominiums, New York.

Central Park Condominiums

At the end of the street, the imposing One57 skyscraper towered above the city. Its glass facade gleamed in the sunlight, reflecting the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Statue of Liberty V Ferry, New York Harbor.

Statue of Liberty V Ferry
New York Harbor

The Statue of Liberty V ferry was headed towards Liberty State Park in New Jersey. It was a beautiful fine day on New York Harbor, the water reflecting the cloudless azure sky.

Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, NYC.

Love Times Square

George Hodan had spent the better part of the morning capturing the beauty of Times Square. He had come to the city with visions of Broadway and showgirls.

Top of The Rock, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan, New York.

Top of The Rock
at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

The imposing Art Deco edifice of 30 Rockefeller Plaza glowed as a beacon of modernity, the sun's rays dancing off its slopes like a chorus of stars.

West Street Albany St. Intersection, Manhattan, New York.

West Street and
Albany Intersection Manhattan

The intersection of West Street and Albany Street on the west side of Manhattan was alive with movement and sound. The afternoon sun was high in the sky, casting its golden light over the cityscape.

Group in Crinolines, Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Group in Crinolines
at the Guggenheim Museum

Kandinsky's Group in Crinolines hung on the wall of the gallery like a symphony, a riot of shapes and colors that emanated an understated yet powerful energy.

Big City of Dreams Mural by Tristan Eaton, New York.

Big City of Dreams Mural
by Tristan Eaton

New York City was a dream. A world of hustle and bustle and vibrant colors, a city that never slept.

Music in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Music in Central Park

On the bench sat a woman in a straw hat, her eyes closed, her head tilted back as she listened to the soothing, soulful notes coming from the saxophone.

Greywacke Arch, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Greywacke Arch
in Central Park

The beautiful stone of the Greywacke Arch gleamed like a diamond in the winter sun as it stood proudly in Central Park behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Brooklyn Bridge Pier, New York.

Brooklyn Bridge Pier

The Brooklyn Bridge pier was a sight to behold as the sun set over the East River. The pale orange and blue hues of the sunset created a stunning backdrop for the imposing structure.

Manhattan Bridge Sunset, New York.

Manhattan Bridge Sunset

The sun had just set, painting the sky in a thousand shades of pink and orange with the Manhattan skyline strikingly silhouetted in the background. The blue hour was upon the city.

NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit, New York.

Motorcycle Unit
NYPD Highway Patrol

The afternoon sun had just started to dip behind the skyscrapers, casting long shadows across the city's skyline as two NYPD Highway Patrol officers finished their shift.

Janes Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York.

Jane's Carousel
Brooklyn Bridge Park

The sun was setting over Manhattan, painting the cloud-filled sky with a glorious array of pink and orange hues. The buildings of lower Manhattan were framed by this beautiful backdrop.

The Lake in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

The Lake
in Central Park

The late afternoon sun bathed The Lake in Central Park in a warm glow. Its waters rippled and glistened in the light, and the trees that surrounded it rustled in the gentle breeze.

Turtle Pond in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Turtle Pond
in Central Park

The image of Turtle Pond at Belvedere Castle in Central Park was one of peace and tranquility. The sky was a bright azure, broken only by fluffy white clouds.

Washington Street, Manhattan, New York.

Washington Street
Manhattan Financial District

On a crisp sunny day in New York City, the One World Trade Center stood tall and imposing over Washington Street in Manhattan's financial district, a reminder of the city's strength and resilience.

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York.

Yankee Stadium

It was a beautiful day in New York City, perfect for a game of baseball, and Yankee Stadium was abuzz with the collective energy of eager spectators.

Broadway, Manhattan, New York.

Broadway in Manhattan

The smells of Broadway were overwhelming along with the intense cacophony of sounds that enveloped everything. The aural chaos was like a blanket of noise.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum, New York.

A White Rose
911 Memorial & Museum

The bronze plaques in the 911 Memorial stood in quiet reverence in Lower Manhattan. Each plaque contained the names of victims of the terrorist attacks.

Great Hall, Ellis Island, New York.

Great Hall
Ellis Island

The Great Hall on Ellis Island was alive with the conversations of visitors from all walks of life, some here to learn more about their own family history.

Wollman Rink in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Wollman Rink
in Central Park

The sun was low in the sky, its orange glow illuminating the autumnal leaves of Central Park's trees. Wollman Rink was bustling with activity, as people of all ages glided along the ice.

Horse Drawn Carriage, Central Park, New York.

Horse Drawn Carriage
Fall in Central Park

It was late fall, and a light mist had settled over the park. Central Park in Manhattan was blanketed in a layer of brown leaves, and the barren trees stood silent, with a few patches of thin snow scattered in between.

Horse Drawn Carriage, Central Park, New York.

Horse Drawn Carriage
Winter in Central Park

The chestnut mare pulled the white buggy through Central Park, her hooves clopping along the snow-covered path. Inside the buggy, a young woman was speaking, her cheeks were rosy from the cold.

Red Cube, New York.

Red Cube
New York Public Art

The man stood beneath the Isamu Noguchi red cube public artwork in front of the HSBC building at 140 Broadway in Manhattan.

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum
5th Avenue New York

Behold this exquisite photograph showcasing the iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, desaturated into a mesmerizing black and white hue.

Central Park in late fall, Manhattan, New York City.

Central Park
in Late Fall

The rocky outcrop of Manhattan schist acted like a stage overlooking a vibrant scene of autumnal splendor. Central Park stretched far and wide and its carefully placed deciduous trees were mostly bare.

Lower Manhattan Cityscape at Night, New York.

Lower Manhattan
Cityscape at Night

Lower Manhattan was stunningly beautiful. In the night sky, the skyscrapers of Manhattan rose up like a million stars, their lights twinkling like a million promises.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York.

The Manhattan Skyline

The night was a slowly building masterpiece. As twilight settled its heavy, purple blanket along the edges of the day, the lower Manhattan skyline glowed with the promise of what was to come.

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Gapstow Bridge in
Summer Central Park

Gapstow Bridge was a sight to behold in the summer — its verdant beauty mirrored in the still waters below. The bridge itself was a scene of romantic grandeur.

Empire State Building Art Deco Entrance, New York City.

Empire State Building
Art Deco Entrance

The young woman stood in the grand entrance of the Empire State Building, her dress a vibrant red. She was a dancer, her feet planted firmly on the glossy marble floor, her arms held above her head in a graceful pose.


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