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George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York.

Note: They have excellent virtual tours of the George Eastman Museum at the official website which can be found on Google.

The conservatory at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York brimmed with light and beauty. The warm sun beamed down on lush plants, their leaves and petals of a different hue and shape. Every sound was hushed, as if the light itself commanded silence.

At the far end of the conservatory, a pipe organ stood in all its glory. The pipes extended up three floors of the house, creating the effect of a natural cathedral. Here, Mr. Eastman could enjoy the music of his choice with cathedral-like tones to create the perfect ambience.

Mr. Eastman's employed an organist to play it every day. His favorite tune was Gounod's "Marche Romaine" which the organist would play in its entirety. This room brought Mr. Eastman a lot of pleasure, facilitating his enjoyment of the music he liked.

The conservatory was a place of beauty and respite for Mr. Eastman, a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. He often invited his family and friends to join him in the conservatory, where the calming tones of the organ would fill the air.

George Eastman Museum

The George Eastman House, now known as the George Eastman Museum, is a renowned institution located in Rochester, New York. It is dedicated to preserving, studying, and promoting photography and motion picture history. Here is an overview of the George Eastman Museum:


    The museum is named after George Eastman, a pioneer in the field of photography and the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company. Eastman was instrumental in making photography more accessible to the public with innovations like the Kodak camera and roll film. He had a deep passion for photography and film, and he opened the museum to the public in 1949. The museum houses his extensive collections and promotes the arts of photography and motion pictures.


    The George Eastman Museum boasts one of the world's most comprehensive collections of photography and cinematic artifacts. Its holdings include millions of photographs, negatives, prints, and cinematic objects dating from the early days of photography to the present. The museum's collection also features a vast array of motion pictures, from silent films to contemporary works. It houses everything from historic cameras and equipment to motion picture memorabilia.


    The museum regularly hosts exhibitions that showcase various aspects of photography and film history. These exhibitions often feature works from the museum's collection and pieces on loan from other institutions. They cover a wide range of topics, including the history of photography, influential photographers, and the evolution of motion pictures.

Education and Research

    The George Eastman Museum is committed to education and research. It offers programs for students, scholars, and the general public. The institution provides workshops, lectures, and educational materials to help people learn more about photography and film history. It also houses a library with extensive resources for research in the fields of photography and cinema.

George Eastman's Home

    In addition to the museum, visitors can explore George Eastman's historic mansion, which is located on the same property. The house has been preserved as a historic site and provides insight into Eastman's life and interests. It offers guided tours that give visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of one of the most influential figures in the history of photography.


    The George Eastman Museum continues to carry forward George Eastman's legacy by promoting the art and science of photography and film. It plays a vital role in preserving and interpreting the history of these media forms, as well as advancing their contemporary relevance.

The George Eastman Museum is a significant cultural institution not only for the city of Rochester but also for photography and film enthusiasts worldwide. It celebrates the history and evolution of visual storytelling and serves as a valuable resource for research and education in these fields.

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