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NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit, New York.

The afternoon sun had just started to dip behind the skyscrapers, casting long shadows across the city's skyline as two NYPD Highway Patrol officers finished their shift. They had spent the day patrolling, keeping their eyes open for any suspicious activity. But apart from a few minor traffic infractions, the day had been surprisingly quiet.

The officers were now seated on their motorcycles, occupying the small patch of street that had been their domain for the past half hour. As they talked casually about their day, a black and white photograph was taken capturing a moment of friendship between two officers serving on the streets of New York City.

NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit is a specialized division within the NYPD responsible for patrolling and enforcing traffic laws on the city's extensive network of highways and major roadways. This unit primarily utilizes motorcycles as their mode of transportation, allowing them to navigate through traffic more efficiently and respond quickly to emergencies. Here are some key aspects of the NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit:

Mission and Responsibilities

Traffic Enforcement

    The primary mission of the Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit is to enforce traffic laws, ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians on New York City's roadways.

Accident Investigation

    They investigate traffic accidents, particularly those involving serious injuries or fatalities. This includes reconstructing accident scenes to determine the cause.

Escort Services

    The unit provides escort services for VIPs, parades, funerals, and other events that require traffic control and security.

Emergency Response

    Highway patrol officers respond to emergencies on the highways, such as accidents, breakdowns, or hazardous materials incidents.

Specialized Training

    Officers in the Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit undergo specialized training in motorcycle operation, advanced riding techniques, and accident investigation. This training equips them with the skills needed to safely maneuver motorcycles at high speeds and in various traffic conditions.

Motorcycle Fleet

    The unit operates a fleet of specially equipped motorcycles designed for police use. These motorcycles are typically larger and more powerful than civilian motorcycles, and they are equipped with sirens, emergency lights, and communication systems.

High-Visibility Uniforms

    Officers in the Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit often wear high-visibility uniforms to ensure they are easily seen by motorists, especially when conducting traffic stops or assisting with accidents on busy roadways.

Collaboration with Other Agencies

    The Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit frequently collaborates with other law enforcement agencies, such as the New York State Police, to maintain safety on highways that intersect with the city.

Public Outreach and Education

    In addition to enforcement, the unit also engages in public outreach and education initiatives to promote safe driving practices and raise awareness about the importance of obeying traffic laws.


    The NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit has a long history dating back to the early 20th century when motorcycles were first introduced for police use. Over the years, the unit has evolved and adapted to changing traffic conditions and technology.

Overall, the NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit plays a crucial role in maintaining traffic safety and ensuring the efficient flow of traffic on New York City's highways and major roadways. Their highly trained officers and specialized equipment allow them to carry out their duties effectively in a challenging urban environment.

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